The COLOURS & SONS shirt collection is the perfect fir for any occasion, with a high degree of comfort, paired with seasonal prints and patterns. The passion for innovative materials and the unconditional love for the details are characteristic for the collection. Our shirts are washed during manufacture using a special washing technique, without the addition of chemicals. This technique gives the shirt its soft feel and casual look.

production steps4

The fabric is first rolled out so that it can then be cut into right pieces. This can be costly in patterns and large rapports, as it must be very accurate.

The label is sewn into the inside of the collar and the placket is prepared with the buttonholes on the front. Then yoke, front and back of the shirt and sleeves are sewn together.

The collar and the cuff are prepared, embroidered or embellished with beautiful details and then seamed together with the shirt.

The hem follows as one of the last stitching steps. The typical washing corner is attached. After that, the buttons and pins are sewn with a special machine.

Then, the final quality control takes place, in which the finished shirts are checked one last time. Shirts that do not meet our quality standards will be reworked or sorted out.

In the last step, the shirts are neatly folded, packed and then with a stopover in our warehouse on the way to you or to one of our retailers.