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Shirts with premium details and intricate manufacturing

Our Shirts feature various colourful prints and thought-through details. Every shirt is made with a contrast fabric that shows while turning up the sleeves, on the button tab and inside the collar.

The buttons, another highlight, show a little symbol or a contrasting colour.

We have different collar styles available: for example the Kent collar and the Button-Down collar or the summery Camp-Collar. The casual shirts are available in long sleeve and short sleeve.

The perfect fit

The Modern-Fit, a fit between Slim-Fit and Regular-Fit, is the perfect fit for the modern taste. Since it does not fit too tight, it is very comfortable to wear. You can find a shirt for every look you feel like wearing. Whether you´re going to a garden party, an evening with friends, dancing in a club, chilling at the beach or to a fancy dinner. Whatever style you´re looking for, Colours & Sons will deliver to your every need. To prevent sweating, we only use natural fibres like cotton and linen.