Where does the Name COLOURS & SONS come from?

COLORFUL, FUNNY, MEANINGFUL! All this stands for the name COLORS & SONS. Our roots lie in the thought of taking the fate into our own hands and creating something of our own, something incomparable.

Where can I find the size guide and care instructions?

We never want to send you something that doesn’t fit properly so we have size guides available on most of our product pages. Just click on the ‘Size Guide’ button on each product page for measurements, fitting tips, washing tips – everything to make sure it fits perfectly and keeps looking great. For measurements and fitting tips click on ´size guide´ in the Footer-menu.

Can you help me with my promo code?

You need to enter the code exactly as it was given to you, without any spaces. Type or copy and paste the code into the code box. Percentages will be displayed after you have entered the code.


Which materials do we use?

×   Cotton

×   Cashmere

×   Linen

×   Jersey

×   Slub

×   Wool

×   Lambswool

×   Real leather (Accessoires)

×   PES

×   Fake Fur

×   Merinowool

×   Fiber Down

Where do we produce?

×   India (Sweat, T-Shirt, Polo, Pants)

×   China (Knitwear, Jackets)

×   Turkey – Istanbul (Shirt)

×   Europe – Germany, Italy (Accessories)

How often do we visit our productions?

We travel twice a year to Hong Kong. From there we visit some of our Knitting-producers. This also applies to the other production sites that we visit regularly every year!

What does the „code of conduct“ means?

We have a longstanding, close partnership and a familial relationship with our retailers and suppliers. Together with them, we have signed the “Code of Conduct” and committed to fair working conditions and fair wages.


Where do I find my Order status?

You’ll receive an email when we send your order to you, which will include a tracking link once your order has been sent with one of our trackable delivery services.

Which Payment options do we have?

×   PayPal

×   Credit card

How can I cancel my order?

Please send us an e-mail to onlineshop@coloursandsons.com and we will cancel your order immediately.

I have a damaged item in my order, what do I do?

As soon as you discover a damage, please contact our Customer Care team with:

x   The order number

x   The faulty item’s name and number

x   A description of the fault

I have an incorrect item in my order, what do I do?

Please contact our Customer Care team with your order number and the incorrect item’s name and product number. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and send you a replacement item as quickly as we can. onlineshop@coloursandsons.com

I'm missing an item from my order, what do I do?

We may have sent your items in separate parcels so please check your emails to see if any of your items will be arriving separately. If your item is still missing, please contact our Customer Care team with the order number and the missing item’s name and number. We will resolve the issue for you as quickly as we can. onlineshop@coloursandsons.com


Where is my order?

You’ll receive an email when we send your order to you, which will include a tracking link. Sometimes it could take a little longer, don´t worry we´ll inform you.

Standard Shipping & Costs (D, AT, CH, GB)

×   The usual delivery time within Germany is 2 – 3 days. Outside of Germany the usual delivery time is 3 – 7 days.

×   Germany: 4,90 €

For shipping abroad, we charge the following shipping costs:

×  10,00 € – Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden

×  15,00 € – Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain

×  20,00 € – Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

×  60,00 € – Russia, Turkey, USA

Delivery during the Christmas season?

During the Christmas period, delivery delays may occur. We will announce the latest date for placing the order on our website, so that your articles arrive on time.

Can I track the delivery of my order?

If your order has been sent to you, you can follow its journey to you. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email from our warehouse once your order is on its way; simply click on your tracking link in this email to view the up to date tracking.

Is a Delivery to a Pack station or Business address possible?


Customs and import fees

Please note that in the case of cross-border deliveries, additional taxes and / or duties, such as customs duties, are payable by you.


How do I return items?

Please contact us for further informations. onlineshop@coloursandsons.com

Have you received my returned items?

It can usually take up to 7 working days from the date of your return for your parcel to be delivered back to our warehouse and processed. We’ll send you an email as soon as we’ve completed your return, letting you know whether a refund or exchange has been processed.