Whether man or woman, tall or short,

black or white, young or old.

COLOURS & SONS is for EVERYONE who likes colour!



The Colours & Sons office is located in the heart of Mönchengladbach, where we design and distribute fashion on all sales channels, digital and stationary. Design made in Germany and the attention to detail is what sets us apart. In our newly renovated office, works a young, dynamic and creative team. [mehr]


All our styles are created with love and passion and a small part of the personal taste of the COLOURS & SONS Family. We love creating something new every day and bringing a smile to everyone’s face. [mehr]

You wonder who is behind all that madness?

We are a small team of 15, who couldn‘t be any more different. From the loving father of three, the recently married mother-to-be, the avid hobby forester, the party enthusiast who turns night into day every weekend, to the diligent student, our team is as colorful as our clothes.

And you know what? THAT is actually what makes our brand to what it is.

Cause, despite all these differences, there is one thing that we all have in common, that connects us – our passion. Passion for life, for its great things, for having fun and enjoying every moment. With this mindset, this spirit, to be open to the world and to celebrate variety, we fill our brand with.


“Our clothes are the pointe of that story.”

They’re the result of everyone’s passion at COLOURS & SONS, inspired by the variousness this world and its people have to offer. Our designs are full of color and the little things that, even on clothes, always make the difference.

Just like our team, our brand is not about differences.

It’s about similarities despite of all possible differences. We create clothes, that are made for everyone. Everyone who’s bold enough for colors.

Whether you’re man or woman, thin or big, black or white, small or tall – COLOURS & SONS is made for all of us.